Tattoos are cool but not this!

Which Looks better?

Fwd Mar 2/18 Released July 17, 2018: Every time I see the Manchester City goalkeeper I just can’t help staring at this bloody ugly blob on the side of his neck. Tattoos are cool but not this! Now I’m not against self expression far from, I endorse it. But I am against this kind of tattoo promotion which I find pretty dumb. I mean why stop there Ederson just ink tattoos on your whole face! I mean it’s high time the FA stepped in, the rules could be enforced YOU KNOW!.

One Big angle, this guy is supposed to be a role model. Role models know what they do will be copied by the masses in this social media famed crazed world. Therefore these role models need to act just a tad conservative in the public eye. What message is he sending to the very influential young who WILL copy cat his selfish lavish fashion?

I think it would be better if he covered his neck as in the pic on the right but honestly I’ve seen enough of that ugly blob on the left it does nothing for me or the game. Its time someone said something therefore let it be I. The FA could step in but won’t, no shock?

When I watch the game I don’t want to see what you got inked on yourself, I want to see football not a bloody fashion circus that cannot deliver quality football. I don’t give a toss what you do in ya private time just go have fun. But when it’s time to represent your club, wear the kit with pride and forget about ya jewellery & cars. Give 90 minutes+ effort & smarts for your employer and faithful fans who don’t live in the luxury world of their stars. He’s a great keeper but the tattoos need covering up they only look good close up!

Is it me or what?  Let me hear ya rant. Its a free speech world on this site I don’t ban people for honesty. Fill ya Boots 🙂

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