FIFA 2018 Day  Six and Seven Update + schedule

Senegal's fan at the 2018  World Cup. Senegal 2-1 Poland
Senegal's fan at the 2018 World Cup. Senegal 2-1 Poland

FIFA 2018 Day Four, Five & Six Update + schedule

Fifa 2018 world cup Kyle Walker violent play penalty awarded to Tunisia final score Tunisia 1-2 England

The Ultimate Soccer Show with Soccersteve June 17th  Day 5 WORLD CUP UPDATE SHOW PLUS

Referee abuse segment  Why I quit refereeing games!

Germany 0-1 Mexico: Group F - 2018 FIFA World Cup Russia

Day Four: Shocks & Surprises!

June 17, 2018: Germany 0-1 Mexico. The current world champion Germany had an uneasy first half against hard working Mexico. The Germans had no time on the ball as the Mexicans hassled & harried their opponent off it or gave no time to pass or shoot. This old fashioned tactic lol, hard work was the key ingredient in beating Germany. Germany needed to up their work rate or match the Mexicans to turn it around and match it they did. The only thing the Germans could not match on the day was a goal. The second half was one way traffic as the Germans pushed for the tying goal but it never came. Mexico defended for their lives with Ochoa making several timely saves. On the day Mexico deserved this rare victory of Germany and the German team will now have to get it right in game 2 v. Sweden, WILL THEY?

Costa Rica 0-1 Serbia: Serbia got their world cup off to a great start and now need a result in game 2 v Switzerland to advance. Serbia meet Brazil in game three where points will not be gained therefore qualification to the knockout round will be decided by game 2! Costa Rica now has two games to play before heading back home, It’s no surprise as they are the weakest team in group E but getting to the world cup is a major achievement for this tiny nation.

Brazil 1-1 Switzerland: Brazil got their world cup off to a great start too when Coutinho curled in a wonder goal on 19 minutes But the Swiss did not lie down. They kept their defensive shape and continued to fight back into the game and on 50 minutes got their reward as Steven Zuber tied it up. Brazil would continue to press but that vital second goal never came. Brazil will qualify from group E But it is Switzerland who will be happier with a point against the giants of world football. A point for concern was the frequent fouls committed against Neymar! Should that continue I doubt the refs can hold off with a red card any longer.

This is def a great world cup in the making tomorrow will bring a MASSIVE SHOCK!!!!!

Tomorrows games: Group F Sweden V. S. Korea. Group G Tunisia V. England & Belgium V. Panama. Group H. Canadian cer Media 2004 

FIFA 2018 Day Three Soccersteve Update + schedule

Messi misses PK at the 2018 world cup

Day Three: Missed Chances!

June 16th, 2018: Four games on day three and the tune of this day would be missed chances....  In group D, Argentina had to settle for a 1-1 draw with tough Iceland in Moscow albeit after Messi missed a penalty kick! In truth it was not his finest spot kick with a decent save coming too. But what this does highlight is Argentina's inability to be a force as Iceland seemed comfortable for much of this duel. Argentina meet Croatia next and a that will be a tough test a loss is on the cards leaving Argentina in trouble in group D. Croatia beat Nigeria 2-0 today as predicted looking good doing so, Nigeria face Iceland in the next group game.

In group C, France prevailed 2-1 over Australia with a VAR penalty goal from the Uruguayan ref and he was so right to give it. Jerdinak leveled the game at 1-1 also from the penalty spot (Hand ball). However Paul Pogba would get the winner with a deflection off Behich in the 81 minute. I give it to Pogba as the defender would never have scored without Pogba's momentum, Goal Pogba! You should watch the highlights at  the

Peru took on Denmark in the other group C encounter with the Danes grabbing a 1-0 defensive victory with a Cuevas penalty miss now looking terminal. Peru were the better team and attacked all game long especially the last 30 minutes. Peru had 21 shots either saved by Schmeichel or blocked by defenders but try as they may a goal would not come.

Peru next play France where a loss would send the Peruvians out of the world cup. Australia meet Denmark next and the same fate will await the Aussies should they lose!

Sundays line up from group E: Costa Rica v Serbia. Brazil v Switzerland.
Sundays line up from group F: Germany (Champions) v Mexico. Sweden v S Korea.

FIFA 2018 Day Two Soccersteve Update + schedule

Cristiano Ronaldo scores last minute free kick Fifa 2018 world cup Por 3-3 Spain

Day Two: Killer Late Goals!

June 15th, 2018: All three games had moments to entertain but all three ended with goals in the dying minutes of each respective game. Uruguay and Egypt were deadlocked at 0-0 until the 89th minute when Jose Gimenez headed in for a cruel killing goal on the Egyptians. 0-0 would have been a fair result and the pharaohs were without the master Mo Salah!

Morocco seemed to be closing in on a draw with Iran until Moroccan substitute Aziz Bouhaddouz headed in a wonderful goal albeit into his own net. Until then a draw was the only result on the cards in this very dull sometimes boring game!

Finally the best game of the day saw Spain battle Portugal to a brilliant 3-3 draw. We won't see many better games at the 2018 world cup and if you missed it, You missed out big time. 6 goals from two top 10 teams and in between Ronaldo gets a hatrick and bad boy Diego Costa gets a brace. David De Gea will want to forget this game, he blundered big time fumbling the ball into his own net on the second goal and did not play at his best.

Saturdays games: Group C France v Australia. Peru v Denmark. Group D Argentina v Iceland. Croatia v Nigeria. Canadian Soccer Media

FIFA 2018 Day One Soccersteve Update + Predictions

Shock & Awe Russia Destroy the Arabs 5-0!
Shock & Awe Russia Destroy the Arabs 5-0!

Shock & Awe as Russia Destroys Arabia 5-0!

June 14th, 2018: A pathetic defensive display by S. Arabia helped average Russia to a score line beyond belief. Normally world cup opening games are testy or dull but this was nothing short of exciting for Russian fans as their team crushed the Arabians! The Saudi's can get ready to go HOME!

Russia have a mountain to climb to reach the next round and may have won their only game before exiting the competition.

Catch the Russia 5-0 S Arabia highlights at the Gallery. Next up Egypt v Uruguay, Morocco v Iran & then Portugal v Spain. Canadian Soccer Media

Christmas came early!

Canada will joint host the FIFA 2026 World Cup finals along with Mexico & the US. Canada will stage 10 games which breaks down to 6 group games, two Round of 16 games, 1 quarter-final game and one semi-final game. The Final would happen in either Los Angeles or New York (TBD). 8 years to go!
Messi misses PK at the 2018 world cup
NO Fifa World Cup games for vancouvers community
NO Fifa World Cup games for vancouvers community

NO world cup games for  Vancouver Tax Payers!

June 14th, 2018: British Columbia’s New Democrat government is holding firm on its decision not to host games during the FIFA 2026 World Cup, citing the risk to taxpayers.

Lisa Beare, Minister of Tourism, Arts and Culture released a statement Wednesday reiterating her government’s concern that “taxpayers are not on the hook for hidden costs.”

“The FIFA bid agreement contained clauses, which (B.C.'s) government felt left taxpayers at unacceptable risk of additional costs,” Beare said.

Beare said earlier this year that FIFA’s demand that it be able to “unilaterally change the stadium agreement at any point” was too much of a risk for B.C.

NOTE. I Soccersteve was a member of a Fifa Local organizing committee (LOE) for a bid and hosting of a world cup and have great knowledge on what it takes both financially and logistically.

In my opinion Lisa Beare, Minister of Tourism, Arts and Culture is scared of the unknown. Fifa world cup games sell out, bring great amounts of visitors and their money into your economy. I see it as very narrow minded and is a great financial & promotional opportunity missed by Vancouver and the province because a few don't know the real benefits of this opportunity!

Seattle will be laughing at this as it almost guarantees them games at the 2026 Fifa world cup. Guess Canadian fans will travel to Seattle or Toronto, Montreal maybe even a born again soccer failure Edmonton!

The few who made this decision must now live with it but when it comes to spending tax payers money, a world cup game would have been worth it for many reasons. One Fifa world cup game would excite the city bring big promotional dollars and guaranteed pay more back than it cost to organize. It's a bad decision which city counselors are still yapping they made the right call in their weak defense!

They should have asked for consultation with Fifa! Beare is VERY NAIVE INDEED! I cannot believe they took this stance.

Ask B.C. residents in the massive soccer community what they think? Beare blew it for everyone in that massive Vancouver community and they are THE TAX PAYERS! Canadian Soccer Media 2004

Fifa 2018 world cup Moscow

Thursdays coming Fast Russia!

June 11th, 2018: Just 3 days separate us from the biggest football tournament on the planet, the 2018 Fifa World Cup from Russia.

The  hosts who kick the big show off V's S Arabia will have their hands full on and off the pitch for a month, well at least off the pitch!

Russia will be looking to grab a win and see what happens in group A but I say Russia will not get out of the group, will not advance and will not win a game. within a few days the hosts will be exactly that..... just hosts!!!

As for the rest of the groups keep listening the the show (should be in your speakers right now, The Ultimate Soccer Show).

The main tournament will start in the knock out phase.....Where eventually the big boys will out number and eventually crush the weaker teams.

We may see a big team fail to get out of their respective group and qualify for the knockout phase. Big teams who falter with bad form risk not advancing. Those teams could be England, Argentina and possibly Colombia.

My final four brings four big teams in Spain, Germany, Brazil & France. Poland may go deep in the tourney but will they meet England along the way. Belgium are not going to win the world cup despite all the Euro press tipping them for glory.

I still see a Brazil v Germany final unless things change. Dropping Sane was a mistake in my mind, the wonder kid should be starting in Russia not watching TV in Germany 🙁

As for Neymar, he's found his natural form and is scoring for fun with Brazil again.

3 days and then the stress begins...........Good luck to your nation!

Remember VAR is in this world cup and you won't like it gets you a goal sealing victory and your teams advances. Can you imagine if the 2018 Fifa world cup final was decided by a referee using VAR?
Joe hart watches the ball go in again
Joe hart watches the ball go in again

Tiki-Taka Suicide!!!!!

June 10th, 2018: Tiki Taka pass and move from your own goal line = Play with fire get burnt!

Sorry but it's Unnecessary over coaching and is corrupting the game. I see players screw up every game as they are becoming confused about their roles etc. Worst of all in quite a few games especially in Europe, more passes by defenders resulted in more goals due to losing possession close to goal!

Each week we are seeing more and more blunders/defensive give aways in and around the penalty box which end up in scoring opportunities or worse still soft goals against!

This recent Tiki-Taka virus into the game has teams changing the art of defending and how to clear their lines. It’s not going to work for all as high levels of skill are required and not every defender has the time or skill to out smart or out manoeuvre the skilled forwards!

Mistakes will happen and defenders will give the ball away with bad decisions/ mental weakness leaving quick thinking forwards to feed on easy and unnecessary goals.

Coaches are the ones responsible for the virus creeping into the game it’s up to the individual coach to employ safer tactics.

I mean really think about that.  Is it logic to play with fire? Playing the ball around your penalty box with lesser skilled players is absolute Russian roulette.

Wait until a goal is scored at this years Fifa World cup Final in Russia from a defensive blunder then the coin may drop in the minds of a few coaches. I see this as a dangerous evolution in the game whereby it will cost teams in the long run.

It nearly cost Arsenal big time in the London derby today as Mustafi & Ceck only just escaped Deli Alli from intercepting a pass and scoring. The danger signs are there for all to see but the coaches keep on copying tiki-taka death by passing!

Tactics in Football need to be kept simple, playing the ball out from the back like Brazil is not simple it’s suicide!

Another negative from playing out from your own goal line is simply terrortorial. A team needs to move up and down the field as a unit but being pinned in your own half limits both time & space on the ball causing possible interceptions closer to your goal

It’s also easy to build moves from the middle of the park and press the final third like it should be. Not every tactic works for every team just as one size does not fit all!

Guardiola has coached Barca, Bayern & man City, teams stacked with with super skilled players who are also mentally smarter too. Football is a thinking game and sometimes you have no time or space and that’s when the top players expose the weaker ones!

Guardiolas words: "I loathe all that passing for the sake of it, all that tiki-taka. It's so much rubbish and has no purpose. You have to pass the ball with a clear intention, with the aim of making it into the opposition's goal. It's not about passing for the sake of it."

Guardiolas tactic is simple: Overload one side of the pitch so that the opponent must tilt its defence to cope. You overload on one side and draw them in so that they leave the other side weak and then when we've done all that, we attack and score from the other side.

Guardiola operates a “waiting game” or “ambush style” counter-attack with high speed, skill but always keeping the ball moving into threatening space in and around goal. Otherwise city operate with patience from the back in their build up play until the final third where attack is the only focus.

City are able to play it out from the defence with one touch pass and move tactics and they have the skilled players to perform without an issue. BUT the average EPL team does not have City’s super bots that get it done.

More goals are coming from defenders getting caught in possession Watch it happen  at the 2018 FIFA World Cup!!!!! Canadian Soccer media 2004
James Rodrigues 2014 golden boot winner

Fifa 2018 Golden boot contenders!

June 8th, 2016. Inset James Rodriguez, Colombia 2014 Basil Golden boot winner. The Golden Boot Award goes to the top goalscorer of the FIFA World Cup. With that in mind, the eventual winner will rely on solid & frequent build up play to get the much desired goals in search of glory.

One problem that springs to mind is not finding that crucial pass to unlock the defence for those top guns to move onto to hit the net!

Creative players are key in all top games at the world cup and this one will present a few magical moments from the world's best play makers.

The golden boot contenders list has a few big names like...Kane Messi Ronaldo Lewandowski Neymar Muller Griezmann Mbappe Lukaku Isco but not Mohamed Salah! As we go deeper into competition the list will get smaller..................................


Email to get your answer into the Ultimate Soccer Show. Do it now the show gets loads of mail 🙂


union jackq


 99 officials are headed to Russia but none from the British Isles!
This discrimination has to be called what it is! Brita11n's F.A's need to act like economic refugees or just plain refugees to get Fifa publicly shamed! No Britains = discrimination!!!
The Football Association attempted to replace Clattenburg but its request was rejected by Fifa.

That means there will be no British officials taking part at the World Cup finals for the first time since 1938.

England’s Howard Webb was Britain’s sole representative at the last two World Cups in 2010 and 2014, taking charge of the final in 2010 between Spain and Holland.

Video assistant referees (VAR) will be chosen from the pool of officials at the tournament, with all selected to attend a two week seminar at the Italian Football Association’s base in Coverciano later next month.

Europe will be represented by referees from Germany, Turkey, Russia, Holland, Poland, Spain, Serbia, Italy, Slovenia and France, while there are six each from Africa, Asia, North and South America and two from Oceania.




Getting ready to go Live
VAR Video Assistan Referee

So near so VAR!

March 27th, 2018: So near so VAR! ENGLAND 1-1 ITALY was the final score on a game bossed by England but it should have finished 1-0 to England. My warning about Italy getting something here on Monday's Ultimate Soccer Show at, came through albeit by the German referees eagerness to find something for Italy!

After 84 minutes England ahead from a Vardy goal were minutes away from a well earned victory.

BUT referee Deniz Aytekin changed the game completely calling a terrible VAR penalty decision against England. It must be deliberate to award a penalty and this was definitely not the case, fact. This was the guy who cheated PSG out of last seasons Champions League, who remembers Barcelona  6-1 PSG?

Watch the slow motion video and see this make up call. It's disastrous for England but it makes Deniz Aytekin look very bad after the fact. This was never a penalty, watch the video! I hope he doesn't call anymore like this, it's borderline cheating.

Fifa have VAR and still get it wrong, WHY? It's human error! which begs the questions............If humans are ultimately making the decisions, why do we need VAR?

VAR has changed nothing but has complicated a simple game further...just like the new offside rule. Watch the slow motion video, it was never a foul!

Fifa is causing chaos with such a simple game! Canadian Soccer Media 2004.

Getting ready to go Live VAR studio1

VAR. video Assistant Referee

March 8th 2018: VAR. So after  very little debate by Fifa but much debate from the press, fans and players correctly having goals cancelled,  Mata.

VAR ( Video Assistant Referee) will be used in Russia at this years Fifa world cup. This came as no shock as VAR has been successfully employed at Fifa junior world cups (India, Peru, UAE).

I HATE VAR you say and all this waiting for a decision, it kills the flow of the game. To that I say, I totally understand I really can, you had the menu changed and you don't like it!

For your whole life Football didn't have VAR and that was and is just fine but for those high ups at Fifa especially Giovanni Vincenzo Infantino that's not good enough any longer. He's made a few changes in his short time in charge, the first changing Fifa world cup finals from 32 to 48 teams coming 2026 which will dilute the talent! VAR is the Swiss born Italians next big change which will be used at the 2018 Fifa world cup in Russia.

My thoughts are: I am all in favour of VAR only if it helps the right decision to be made. There are 4 times when it can be used:

Video Assistant Referee Decision Reviews:

1/ Goals and whether there was a foul during build up play.
2/ Penalty decisions.
3/ Red card decisions (second yellow are not reviewable).
4/ Mistaken identity in awarding a red or yellow card.
These are the 4 reasons when VAR can be used and remember it's a human who makes the decision to use, analyse and give a verdict on the play. So nothing can go wrong right?

AS for rule #3 This rule will change in time, Fifa does not see the error they've made with this tactic.
Fifa using VAR

Other sports (Rugby, Ice Hockey etc.) and their fans have accepted VAR for decades. They too hated the change but after many years their fans demand VAR and await the decision sometimes with great excitement & interest..........

You see the time waiting gives the fans a different dimension to work through. Some converse immeadiatley about the play and decision forthcoming, it's an extra slice of the pie and the fans love it. It's their new sport culture to let tech decide what happens next. Believe me I've seen it in many buildings over the years and it is here to stay and in years to come this will not be a topic. Unless the power goes out, LOL.

So hate it at first but eventually you will learn to enjoy the new tech interaction. Your mind will get to grips with VAR and in future you will rely on it for correct decisions which you demand. Obviously referees have missed or got decisions wrong for too long hence the insertion of Video Assistant Referee software from Fifa to raise the standard on calls.

A little VAR history. On January 8th 2018, VAR was used in England for the first ever time in the 2017/18 FA cup match between Brighton and Crystal Palace. All reviews were positive.

Fifa boss Infantino recently highlighted: Before VAR referees got a 93% correct decision ratio with VAR that is now 99%. Infantino has openly stated with VAR referee decision making is almost perfect.

All England fans should be happy VAR is new as had it been in use at the 1966 world cup, England's third goal would have been ruled out by VAR's Goal Line Tech!

No matter what they change in the rules, keeper can't pick up a back pass, new offside rule or add to it technically, you still watch and eventually accept those changes. But in short time you like the changes once familiar with them. Its evolution, get familiar with VAR, use it enjoy!

VAR it's here to stay, it won't be going away. The world cup in Russia will use it and it may save your team big time. If only Frank Lampard's goal v Germany had been checked with VAR England may have won that game, just saying!

Drop me a line at for any topics to raise or questions to phrase, thank you.

RED CARD Canadian Soccer Media 2004

Getting ready to go Live
Football is our Religion We don't need yours!

Football is our Religion We Don't Need Yours!

March 5th 2018: Football is our Religion We Don't Need Yours! Tusdiq Din has placed an article at BBC Football`s website titled......

Mohamed Salah: Is Liverpool striker's success improving engagement with Muslim fans?

This is nothing but a propaganda reel, his article is passive aggressive subversion. It should be removed with immediate effect.

Did you ever hear from a Jewish, Catholic or Hindu writer writing the same styled propaganda, I bet not! This is going too far and needs to be crushed before it gets off the ground!

READ IT! (Blue link).

In my humble opinion, Football is a religion and it`s our religion. We don`t need yours no matter what kind, not now not EVER!

As well we don`t need religious zealots like BBC writer Tusdiq Din with propaganda stories of conversion or otherwise within a supposed FOOTBALL article. I read his propaganda but I feel his work would be better inside a mosque as apposed to the BBC`s Football website?

Football does not need religious propaganda, it`s Football and as far as I can tell Football is neither political or religious so why do the BBC sanction such an article?

Who directed this to go public Tusdiq Din himself?

Tusdiq Din's article has connotations throughout and anyone reading it will see how promoting his words are. It is nothing more than a call to action and has very little in positive football writing, In fact it's purely a religious piece.

Many will not petition against articles such as this BBC propaganda but when it comes to encroachment by religions or ideologies into Football, I will and will every time guaranteed!

BBC Football is a sports media site not a religious broadcast center for over zealous zealots!

Let me make this very clear I am a passive peace loving man but I have no place for outside interference or propaganda articles forcing religion(s) into Football. Football is Football and it's ours, KNOW YOUR PLACE religious zealot (Religious Zealot: one who is zealous on behalf of God).

So please enjoy your religion whatever it may be but keep your religion to yourself! We don't need to hear that subversion anymore. We have no room for any religion hostile or otherwise, our religion is FOOTBALL.

Our religion Football does not start wars or hostility within peaceful lands religion does!

Our religion Football stops many civil wars world wide every 4 years for the Fifa World Cup religion can't do that!

Finally, FOOTBALL is our entertainment and we don't need political or religious interference EVER!

Football is our time away from work, where we get to watch, talk and enjoy the game, it's our reward every few days. 

So have some respect for the beautiful game and keep that stuff out of FOOTBALL, it has No Place At All!

Football is our Religion We Don't Need Yours! Canadian Soccer media 2004

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