Football is our RELIGION WE dont need yours
Football is our RELIGION WE dont need yours

Football is our Religion We Don't Need Yours! Tusdiq Din placed an article at BBC Football`s website titled......Mohamed Salah: Is Liverpool striker's success improving engagement with Muslim fans?

This is nothing but a religious propaganda reel, his article is passive aggressive subversion. It should be removed from the web with immediate effect. I personally have never read a Soccer related article focusing on Hindu, Sikh, Jewish or Christian fans so keep the religious inter-action OUT OF FOOTBALL it has no place there!

While we're at it, enough of the kneeling and cupping hands all the damn time just play the game keep your religions to yourself... FOOTBALL is OUR RELIGION we don't need yours!

Did you ever hear from a Jewish, Catholic or Hindu writer writing the same styled propaganda, I bet not! This is going too far and needs to be crushed before it gets off the ground!


In my humble opinion, Football is a religion and it`s our religion. We don`t need yours no matter what kind, not now not EVER!

As well we don`t need religious zealots like BBC writer Tusdiq Din with propaganda stories of conversion or otherwise within a supposed FOOTBALL article. I read his propaganda but I feel his work would be better inside a mosque as apposed to the BBC`s Football website?

Football does not need religious propaganda, it`s Football and as far as I can tell Football is neither political nor religious so why did the not so British BBC sanction such an article? Who directed this to go public Tusdiq Din himself?

His article has connotations throughout and anyone reading it will see how promoting his words are. It is nothing more than a call to action and has very little in positive football writing, In fact it's purely a religious piece.

Many will not petition against articles such as this BBC propaganda but when it comes to encroachment by religions or ideologies into Football, I will and will every time guaranteed!

BBC Football is a sports media site not a religious broadcast center for over zealous zealots!

Let me make this very clear I am a passive peace loving man but I have no place for outside interference or propaganda articles forcing religion(s) into Football. Football is Football and it's ours, KNOW YOUR PLACE religious zealot (Religious Zealot: one who is zealous on behalf of God).

So please enjoy your religion whatever it may be but keep your religion to yourself! We don't need to hear that subversion anymore. We have no room for any religion hostile or otherwise, OUR religion is FOOTBALL.

Our religion Football does not start wars or hostility within peaceful lands religion does!

Our religion Football stops many civil wars world wide every 4 years for the Fifa World Cup religion can't do that!

Finally, FOOTBALL is our entertainment and we don't need political or religious interference EVER!

Football is our time away from work, where we get to watch, talk and enjoy the game, it's our reward every few days.

So have some respect for the Beautiful game and
keep that stuff out of FOOTBALL, it has No Place At All!

Wayne Rooney Drunk again gets arrested! Its sooo not a surprise with Rooney and I am sure he regrets his actions but carve a line in the sand, enough is enough!

He has a drink problem and must get help or face the consequences of business & life failure. Another super player who went downhill like a freight train going off the cliff was Paul Gascoigne. It was a tragedy to watch Gascoigne go down the road he did but just as sad, Rooney is on track to go the same sad way. A man who drank and played all day & night George Best could at least keep it all decent, something people may forget.

Rooney has a life style you could only dream of and should be the perfect role model but for all his good moves on the pitch, it is his drunken actions off it that will remain in many fans minds, England fans especially.

When you see how many times Rooney has had off field issues while drinking & smoking its easy to understand why he never reached the highest winning levels like Pele, Beckenbauer or Bobby Moore for example.

His actions this time happened in a very prude society, The USA.

Do not be misled about the USA and the life style there. If you act out you get cuffed & duffed up a little if you resist, no matter who the hell you are!

The drinking in Britain which is more like a way of life does not exist or move in the same way or fashion....its more reserved! Therefore when superstars act outrageously in public they are the subject to major scrutiny with guaranteed negative actions and consequences.

He will shortly face a few MLS top brass who will tell him there is a limit and that Rooney can be turfed if this happens again. He has  a track record for the booze, the clock is ticking............

Endorsements could fly and stay it all depends on what happens next for Wayne on the next pub crawl or nightclub scenario, its going to happen again.....It has happened too many times for it to stop overnight, right!

THINK of THIS: Rooney could be the new GAZZA Yes WAZZA, Wayne Rooney is replacing GAZZA Paul Gacoigne as Englands Soccer hero for all the wrong reasons.

He has money, a great family life with wife Colleen and the kids now he should focus on that and DC United. I hope he lights up the headlines for his on field actions not OFF FIELD boozing exploits. AAA Wayne, go there........................ Search for Wayne Rooney on Google Search for Wayne Rooney on Google

Which Looks better?
Tattoos are cool but not this.................  Every time I see the Manchester City goalkeeper I just can’t help staring at this bloody ugly blob on the side of his neck. Tattoos are cool but not this! Now I’m not against self expression far from, I endorse it. But I am against this kind of tattoo promotion which I find pretty dumb. I mean why stop there Ederson just ink tattoos on your whole face! I mean it’s high time the FA stepped in, the rules could be enforced!

One Big angle, this guy is supposed to be a role model. Role models know what they do will be copied by the masses in this social media famed crazed world. Therefore these role models need to act just a tad conservative in the public eye. What message is he sending to the very influential young who WILL copy cat his selfish lavish fashion? I think it would be better if he covered his neck as in the pic on the right but honestly I’ve seen enough of that ugly blob on the left it does nothing for me or the game. Its time someone said something therefore let it be I. The FA could step in but won’t, no shock?

When I watch the game I don’t want to see what you got inked on yourself. I want to see football not a bloody fashion crazed social media circus that cannot deliver quality football. I don’t give a toss what you do in ya private time just go have fun.

But when it’s time to represent your club, wear the kit with pride and forget about ya jewellery & cars. Give 90 minutes+ effort & smarts for your employer and faithful fans who don’t live in the luxury world of their stars.

He’s an average keeper and the tattoos need covering up they only look good close up, apparently!

Is it me or what?  Let me hear ya rant. Its a free speech world on this site I don’t ban people for honesty. Fill ya Boots 🙂


Manchester United not a threat to top teams For many years Manchester United were the best team in England if not Europe and you either loved them or hated them during their long lasting time of Glory & titles!

NOW that their glory days are finally over many will want to see them slip further from the top & titles......Like Liverpool at the end of the 1980's. Liverpool were the Kings in England during the 70's & 80's and were replaced by rivals Manchester United who went on to win everything in sight. BUT nowadays United have been replaced by their own bitter rivals Manchester City who look like a long term Dynasty in the making.

City also look like owning Manchester for many years to come putting the Red Devils firmly in second place under a Blue Moon! Over the last 10 years City have done better than United in player purchases, facilities & overall club expansion. They have a plan that's working well and within the next 5 years Manchester will be Blue, definitely not Red!

Manchester United have won 13 Premier league titles and 7 old division one titles giving them 20 English league champion titles. Manchester City have won 3 Premier league titles and 2 old division one titles giving them a total of 5 English league champion titles. Be aware that United fans are watching a change in power with City getting bigger, faster, stronger and winning trophies too, something United aren't doing!

For the very worried United fans they see City as 15 years from equaling and passing United's winning history. It will happen but City will need a few more years than 15!

Man Utd coaches Van Gaal, Moyes and now Mourinho have all bought top players but nothing has really changed. United are not a threat any longer to teams like Man City, Liverpool, Chelsea or Spurs.

When Sir Alex retired he left a decent squad behind him but a squad that was at its peak with new blood urgently required to maintain the balance. Van Gaal, Moyes and now Mourinho have and are feeling the knock on effects of it with limited success for a supposed Top team during that time.

Manchester United are being out bid in the transfer market by rival clubs...United are being outplayed on the field by rival clubs...United are being pushed out of the top 4 by rival clubs...That's how far they have fallen in a few short years. Man Utd are no longer a threat to top teams.

BTW.....When United won the Uefa Champions League in 1999 Man City were in the third division in England...Oh how the mighty have fallen!