Brighton 3-2 man utd
  Manchester United not a threat to top teams!

For many years Manchester United were the best team in England if not Europe and you either loved them or hated them during their long lasting time of Glory & titles!

NOW that their glory days are finally over many will want to see them slip further from the top & titles......Like Liverpool at the end of the 1980's. Liverpool were the Kings in England during the 70's & 80's and were replaced by rivals Manchester United who went on to win everything in sight. BUT nowadays United have been replaced by their own bitter rivals Manchester City who look like a long term Dynasty in the making.

City also look like owning Manchester for many years to come putting the Red Devils firmly in second place under a Blue Moon! Over the last 10 years City have done better than United in player purchases, facilities & overall club expansion. They have a plan that's working well and within the next 5 years Manchester will be Blue, definitely not Red!

Manchester United have won 13 Premier league titles and 7 old division one titles giving them 20 English league champion titles. Manchester City have won 3 Premier league titles and 2 old division one titles giving them a total of 5 English league champion titles. Be aware that United fans are watching a change in power with City getting bigger, faster, stronger and winning trophies too, something United aren't doing!

For the very worried United fans they see City as 15 years from equalling and passing United's winning history. It will happen but City will need a few more years than 15!


CH LGE Winners


Brighton 3-2 Man Utd!


A man alone!


Theater Closed!


Theater of Dreams

Another huge change for Man United is they are no longer attracting the top players to come and play with Manchester City, Chelsea, Liverpool & Tottenham becoming the newest destinations for the best!!

Man Utd coaches Van Gaal, Moyes and now Mourinho have all bought top players but nothing has really changed. United are not a threat any longer to teams like Man City, Liverpool, Chelsea or Spurs.

When Sir Alex retired he left a decent squad behind him but a squad that was at its peak with new blood urgently required to maintain the balance. Van Gaal, Moyes and now Mourinho have and are feeling the knock on effects of it with limited success for a supposed Top team during that time.

Manchester United are being out bid in the transfer market by rival clubs...United are being outplayed on the field by rival clubs...United are being pushed out of the top 4 by rival clubs...That's how far they have fallen in a few short years. Man Utd are no longer a threat to top teams.

BTW.....When United won the Uefa Champions League in 1999 Man City were in the third division in England...Oh how the mighty have fallen!

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Fifa using VAR
VAR will not be used in the 2018/19 Premier League season after all 20 clubs voted to extend trials for another year. A decision to reject video assistant referee technology was passed by the majority of the 20 clubs. The outcome had been expected after major criticism. However it will be used in other top leagues and internationally as seen at the Fifa world cup. It's here to stay!
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