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VAR. Video Assistant Referee

August 13th 2018:  I HATE VAR you say and all this waiting for a decision, it kills the flow of the game. To that I say, I totally understand I really can you had the menu changed and you don't like it!

For your whole life Football didn't have VAR and that was and is just fine but for those high ups at Fifa especially Giovanni Vincenzo Infantino that's not good enough any longer. He's made a few changes in his short time in charge, the first changing Fifa world cup finals from 32 to 48 teams coming 2026 which will dilute the talent!

My thoughts are: I am all in favour of VAR only if it helps the right decision to be made. There are 4 times when it can be used:

Video Assistant Referee Decision Reviews:

1/ Goals and whether there was a foul during build up play.
2/ Penalty decisions.
3/ Red card decisions (second yellow are not reviewable).
4/ Mistaken identity in awarding a red or yellow card.
These are the 4 reasons when VAR can be used and remember it's a human who makes the decision to use, analyse and give a verdict on the play. So nothing can go wrong right?

AS for rule #3 This rule will change in time, Fifa does not see the error they've made with this tactic.
Fifa using VAR
Other sports (Rugby, Ice Hockey etc.) and their fans have accepted VAR for decades. They too hated the change but after many years their fans demand VAR and await the decision sometimes with great excitement & interest..........

You see the time waiting gives the fans a different dimension to work through. Some converse immeadiatley about the play and decision forthcoming, it's an extra slice of the pie and the fans love it. It's the new sport culture to let tech decide what happens next. Believe me I've seen it in many buildings over the years and it is here to stay and in years to come this will not be a topic. Unless the power goes out, LOL.

So hate it at first but eventually you will learn to enjoy the new tech interaction. Your mind will get to grips with VAR and in future you will rely on it for correct decisions which you demand. Obviously referees have missed or got decisions wrong for too long hence the insertion of Video Replay software from Fifa.

A little VAR history. On January 8th 2018, VAR was used in England for the first ever time in the 2017/18 FA cup match between Brighton and Crystal Palace. All reviews were positive.

Fifa boss Infantino recently highlighted: Before VAR referees got a 93% correct decision ratio with VAR that is now 99%.

All England fans should be happy!!! Had VAR been in use at the 1966 world cup, England's third goal would have been ruled out!

No matter what they change in the rules, keeper can't pick up a back pass, new offside rule or add to it technically, you still watch and eventually accept those changes. But soon you like the changes once familiar with them. Its evolution, get familiar & it enjoy!

VAR will not be used in the 2018/19 Premier League season after all 20 clubs voted to extend trials for another year. A decision to defer implementation of the controversial video assistant referee technology was passed by the majority of the 20 clubs. The outcome had been expected after major widespread criticism. However it will be used in other top leagues and internationally as seen at the Fifa world cup. It's here to stay!


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