Troy Deeney gets fined £20,000 by the FA for bad mouthing referees. His Big Mouth got him in trouble AGAIN LOL!

 (Very Funny sports interview) Brad Roscoe losing coach of Beaver City has to answer to a very aggressive sports interviewer.

Jose Mourinho will be appearing on Bein Sports this weekend Jan 19th-20th. Tune in.

VAR 2018 Fifa World Cup Final VAR penalty. WATCH in SLOW MOTION.

ITS A TATTOO RIGHT BUT WTF IS IT? He looked better before it But WHAT IS IT?

Did Harry Kane dive to win a penalty in the game Spurs v Chelsea Carabao cup?

A funny sound bite from The Ultimate Soccer Show 2019.Not for kids

Scott Arfield hammers the keeper. Was it Foul or not?

VAR ENGLAND 1-1 ITALY referee Deniz Aytekin calls a terrible decision. Got the machine and still get it wrong!

Mo Salah: Did he dive to win the pk. Next year the Premiership will have VAR. Dive get sent off, I can't wait. Gotta keep it honest 🙂

Soccersteve Yellow Cards Kristian Jack Live on TV Then gets the RED card Ready 🙂 Another First!!

Concacaf Nations League Sept 9 2018 Canada 8-0 US Virgin Islands.  A record international scoreline for.

FA cup 4th round Draw 2019

Southampton 3-5 Derby County Shootout FA cup 4th round 2019

Prawn Sand which Mob/Gold cub members explained on air to my colleague Jake...He's the one pissing himself. Humor)

Just to give you an idea how far we connect with other peeps from the Soccer world. Spread the love.... Not a Video. AUDIENCE WORLD WIDE

Steve explains the Fifa world cup format on Live TV. Explaining the group phase to the World cup Final. PLUS He explains why FOOTBALL is a RELIGION

No wins in 14 This team needed a boost. My idea..announce a little over the top. The guys look laugh & are happy. They went on to win 1-0. My plan worked. TRUE STORY!

Edmonton Aviators Pro Soccer club game highlights and scenes. A little History

MASCOT SOCCER - Half Time Show. I'm announcing the play and some of what I say is sarcastic humor. Enjoy 🙂