I grew up in England (South London) enjoying success while still learning my trade as an amateur. I got to play at a high level with Port Vale FC before breaking my leg at a young age which ended my playing career! I was technically very skilled & had speed but my greatest weapon vision, I can see the pass others can’t.

My passion would not end but take a different path & that path was talking the game. That passion has talked on radio, TV and announced live professional  club and international Fifa games since 2004.

I worked at The Team 1260 sports radio now TSN 1260 for 5 years working with brilliant people whilst hosting the live 2 hour Ultimate Soccer show. Also hosted World cups & European Championships for Team 1260 which was an honour and a thrill working national competition LIVE. Also Worked with many TV stations too here are a few, GOL TV, The Score, Sportsnet, ITV, BT TV announcing teams such as Everton FC, River Plate, LA Galaxy, Vancouver Whitecaps to name a few.

I was also announcer for The Edmonton Drillers indoor pro soccer team & the Edmonton Aviators USL pro soccer club, I had no connection with Edmonton FC. Since 2004 I have announced the Canadian national Soccer team games at Commonwealth stadium and love the national scene. As well I have announced Fifa qualification & World Cup Finals games (9 a record) and feel very honoured to have done so.

So talking the game has given my passion a place to play which I enjoy every day. I've interviewed some interesting people from the game and will again too (Check show links). I have met Fifa bosses for supper and seen what the power punchers look like, interviewed players from around the world and its always an honour or a thrill.

So please ask me that question on ya mind and allow me to explain, you'll be glad you did. Have a great day & don't let anyone bend it up 🙂


 Soccersteve 2004 is active in and out of the community.

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