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" Extreme knowledge & humor loaded entertaining Soccer Guru "

In interviews Steve has said to show hosts......Ask that question on ya mind and get ready....... for some extremely entertaining straight talk with answers you didn't expect! His knowledge is very extensive you could use the term SOCCER GURU!

In one interview recently a host called him the Don Cherry of Soccer. Steve pulls no punches when talking Soccer he`s bluntly BUT politely honest and very quick witted. Steve has no favourite team so every team can be highlighted and shredded and they need shredding 🙂

He`s respectfully honest but goes for the throat where analysing a team is concerned and will give you an insight you won`t find anywhere but you will be much wiser in the morning lol!

He`s some what traditional and maintains clubs are bigger and more important than players ever will be.

His close links worldwide affords him a wealth of information with just one call. He`s like the Godfather of Soccer...he really is linked all over this little blue planet or ball as he says 🙂

One conversation on your speaker listening to Steve in your ear and you will soon realise why he talks this game....its his PASSION, you will hear that BUT you WILL listen and slowly enjoy his viewpoint and his`s almost addictive 🙂

He loves the game more than anything but boy can he predict the future and has done so in the past correctly tipping BIG TIME

like back at Euro 2004, Steve  correctly tipped Greece to win it all (We got taped COMING SOON). That's was thanks to The Team 1260 sports radio nowadays TSN 1260. Steve worked with Team 1260 and had an amazing time with incredible people.

His who will not be relegated forecasts are legendary, just ask the BBC.......He can tell you who will be relegated from the EPL (English Premier league) from start to finish. Ian Henderson BBC Football correspondent was left TOTALLY speechless with Steve`s correct predictions in one season....Portsmouth FC were doomed to relegation from the English Premier League BUT at the end of the season they were NOT relegated and the BBC were left speechless at Steve`s mid season legendary correct prediction!

He`s humble, very quick witted and so sincere but please awake the entertainer of Soccer....YOU will be glad you did.

Have a great Day & Don`t let anyone bend it up 🙂

Steve`s Motto: Winners are Dreamers who Never gave up!

The Fun zone

"Always a good time" 🙂

Every time the mic goes live it's another fun event. It could be announcing a live World Cup Fifa game, hosting soccer radio or TV for local, national corporations ( The BBC, The Score, Sportsnet, Gol TV to name a few. When you think live remote/promotional events,  Steve's your MC for any event. Motivational speaking is also a big part of Steve's world, building confidence & self esteem with the younger generation  🙂